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Betwinner Sports Betting Guide

Sports prediction betting can provide bettors not only an interesting pastime, but also good prizes. Indian users can place bets on the Betwinner website. One needs to explore the Betwinner review, which provides information about the different sports betting options available on the platform.

Types of Sports Betting at Betwinner India

The most popular type of sports betting at Bet winner is ordinals. Such bets involve 1 event. To win, a bettor needs to correctly predict the outcome. The necessity of predicting only one outcome allows even beginners to place winning orders.

Bettors can also make express bets. Such bets involve several events. To win, the user must correctly predict each of the outcomes included in the express. The chances of winning are much lower than in the case of a single bet.

It is also possible to make systems. Such bets are combinations of expresses. The bettor can get a prize by correctly predicting any number of sporting events. Expresses are usually made by experienced bettors.

The predictions available on the platform can also be divided into pre-match and live bets. Pre-match bets are placed on competitions that will start in the future. Live bets are placed on competitions that have already started.

In the live lines, the line sheets for popular football competitions contain more than 200 outcomes. For hockey and basketball, the number of markets in the lists exceeds 100. For unpopular games the number of markets is reduced to 50-60.

There are many live broadcasts available to users. You can watch table tennis, football, volleyball and other sports. Video broadcasts of both popular matches and minor ones are available. The company quickly accepts live bets, in a couple of seconds, thanks to which the user can place a bet at the right odds.

Which Sports Disciplines and Leagues You Can Bet on at Betwinner

The platform allows you to bet on many sports, but cricket is the most popular in India. Betwinner offers betting on the IPL, Caribbean Premier League, Twenty20 Series, Test series and other tournaments.

Kabaddi is also popular in India. You can predict the outcomes in Asian events, Pro League, Masters, Super League and other tournaments.

Popular sports in India include football, as well as tennis, horse racing, and golf. The platform also offers betting on baseball, table tennis, martial arts and other sports. 

You can also bet on cyber sports. The cyber sports betting line includes Valorant, Rocket League, Dota 2 and many other video games.

Virtual sports betting continues to gain popularity among bettors. You can try to predict outcomes in virtual golf, basketball, tennis, football and other sports. The results of such matches depend on a random number generator, which makes such bets similar to playing at Betwinner casino.

Markets in Betwinner India’s rosters

The markets in Betwinner India’s rosters are varied. The most popular market is the winner of the match. It requires the bettor to predict which athlete/team will win the competition. In some cases, this market provides 3 options: a win for Participant A, a win for Participant B and a draw.

Another popular market is the over/under total. When placing such a bet, the user must predict the value of a certain indicator. For example, the bettor has bet on a scoring total greater than 1.5. In this case, for the bet to win, at least 2 goals must be scored during the match.

Handicaps are also worth mentioning. Such markets are available in the listings of matches where one of the athletes/compositions has a serious advantage over the opponent. The user must predict who will win, taking into account the handicap of one of the participants.

Event odds

The quotes offered by the company are higher than the market average. It should be taken into account that the odds depend on the margin, which is a commission that the company takes into account when calculating the quotes. The margin allows Betwinner to make a guaranteed profit.

If we consider popular football competitions, the commission is equal to 3%. For football matches at the level of the Greek championship the margin is 5.5%. For the most unpopular games the commission is 8%.

For popular hockey matches, such as the NHL playoff finals, the margin is 4.5%. For the Singapore tournament, the commission goes up to 11%. This high margin is due to the fact that it is difficult for Betwinner’s analysts to calculate quotes due to the lack of information about the participants.

For popular big tennis matches the commission is 4.5%. For Wimbledon and American Open tournaments the margin is lower, for Challenger and junior tournaments it is higher, around 5.5%.

If we talk about live predictions, the margin for popular matches is 5-6%. For unpopular tournaments, it rises to 7-8%. It should be taken into account that when placing a live bet, you can request a cashout. This function allows you to return a part of the losing bet.

The quotes are important as they are what determine the size of the prize. For example, an order of 100 INR with odds of 2 will fetch Indian bettors 200 INR. In case of expresses, all the odds are multiplied by each other. The payout for a system is determined by the number of correct predictions.

Go to the platform, create an account, Betwinner login and fund your account to start betting on sports. A starting bonus of up to 120,000 INR will allow you to start actively betting on sports even with a small bankroll.